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  • What to Do if Your Windshield Cracks?

    Friday 19 June 2015

    We’ve all been driving down the highway and had a rock fly into our windshield. Perhaps quick freezing and warming caused your windshield to crack in the winter time. Regardless, windshield cracks are one of the most prevalent issues that vehicle owners experience in their lifetime. Knowing what to do when you notice a crack is what will help you to avoid needing a windsh... read more

  • What Happens If You Get Water in Your Gas Tank?

    Sunday 14 June 2015

    If water gets in your gas tank either by accident or on purpose, it is something that can cause a world of problems for your vehicle and you will need to address the issue immediately. You can get water in your tank from condensation or even from severe weather, which is why it is important that you look out for the different symptoms that you may experience. This guide will also help you with taking care of the problem to get your car back to its best state... read more

  • Does the Penny Test Work for Your Tires?

    Monday 08 June 2015

    There are many different methods that you can use to check the tread on your tires and it will help you to know whether it’s time to replace a tire on your vehicle. If your tread is extremely worn out, it will prevent you from driving a safe vehicle. One of the easiest and most talked about methods of checking your tire tread is to use a penny and a couple of minutes out of your day... read more

  • When Do You Change Your Car Battery?

    Wednesday 03 June 2015

    All car owners have been in a situation where they wished they had known sooner, whether a crack in your windshield gets worse or even if your battery dies on the road. One of the largest benefits of a car battery is that there are indicators that you can take advantage of to know when it’s time to change it so you’re not stuck on the road calling for assistance. Sign 1: Check Engine Light The most common issue that you’ll notice is the check engine light in your d... read more

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