Extended Warranty and Insurance Claim Policy

At Eurotech Car Care we are committed to helping our customers maintain their vehicles. In some cases, this can include working with extended warranty or insurance companies. While we understand how these policies may seem attractive, they do present a number of challenges for both the auto repair facility and customer. Working through these challenges is often outside the scope of our normal business model, but because we want to remain an advocate for our customers, we are willing to accept them provided there is no compromise in the quality of services provided.

We have found that our customers are not always clear about what their warranty or insurance plan will and will not cover as these specifics are not always clear in the text of the agreement. In many cases, the coverage of these policies is very narrow, and the warranty company can use a variety of tactics to avoid paying on a claim. If they do agree to a claim, it is common that the coverage is not sufficient to ensure a complete and reliable repair that we as a company can stand behind. Eurotech Car Care will not compromise our integrity or the quality of our service to match the coverage of an extended warranty or insurance company. Any cost outside the coverage of these policies will be the responsibility of the customer. We feel it is important that our customers are clear about this up front so that expectations can be aligned through the repair process.

To ensure quality and make working with warranty/insurance companies possible we have established the following criteria:

  1. We cannot guarantee any specific timeline for repairs. Working with an extended warranty or insurance company often means we will be waiting for decisions to be made or inspections to take place, the timing of which is out of our control. Even reaching an adjuster on the phone can sometimes take hours. As a result, these repairs often take longer than normal. We will do what we can to expediate the process, but unfortunately there is no way to accurately predict how long it will take.
  2. We are unwilling to install parts from outside sources. To ensure quality repairs and provide a complete warranty it is necessary that we control the ordering and supply of all parts involved.
  3. Customers are responsible for all costs not covered by their policy. This may include, but is not limited to; their deductible, diagnostic charges, shop fees, technician time spent working with adjusters or any other costs required to complete the repair properly that the warranty or insurance company is not willing to cover. We will do our best to estimate these costs up front but in some cases that is not possible.
  4. Working with warranty and insurance companies can often lead to difficult decisions that need to be made by the customer. We ask that these decisions be made within a reasonable amount of time to ensure the repair process moves forward. If a vehicle is not being worked on for more than 48 hours due to a lack of communication or decision from the customer a storage charge of $25 per day will be applied until which time a decision is made, and the process can resume. Any vehicles not paid in full and removed from the shop within 48 hours of completion will incur the same storage charges.
  5. We will only pursue a claim with one warranty company per visit. Multiple claims from more than one carrier will not be entertained.

Working within these criteria, we are confident that Eurotech Car Care can provide you with exceptional value and service while not compromising on quality. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through the repair process with your warranty or insurance company.

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