Keeping your Killeen Mercedes in Tip Top Shape

Most Killeen Mercedes Benz owners purchased their cars due to the history of the vehicle’s longevity and safety records. A Mercedes is a high-tech, robust Killeen Mercedes piece of machinery, but there are things as a Killeen Mercedes owner that you can do to enhance your car’s life expectancy and performance.

Killeen Mercedes Repair and Service | Eurotech Car Care Center

Here are some things you, the Killeen Mercedes owner, can do yourself to upkeep your car:

  1. Tire inflation. For a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency, ensure your tire pressure stays within the guidelines listed in your owner’s manual.
  2. Oil. Check your oil weekly in between regular oil changes performed by a certified Killeen Mercedes service professional, such as Eurotech Car Care.
  3. Coolant. Monitor the level of coolant in your car to avoid overheating during the Texas summer heat.
  4. Washer fluid. Keep an eye on your washer fluid levels so you’ll be able to clean the bugs off your windshield while you’re cruising through the Hill Country.
  5. Windshield wiper blades. Due to the dry, hot weather here, your Killeen Mercedes wiper blades tend to crack easily. Check them monthly.
  6. Fluid levels. Power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid levels should be monitored monthly between regular services at your local Killeen Mercedes service center.
  7. Wash and wax. Regular washes not only keep your car looking better than most of the others on the road around here, but dust and debris can damage paint. Wax your Killeen Mercedes at least twice per year to keep a protective coating from the Texas dust and sun.
  8. Air filter. The air filter should be checked every other oil change to ensure your filtration system is in good working condition. Dust and other particles can affect the performance of your Killeen Mercedes.
  9. Belts and hoses. Look over these once a month. If you notice cracks or wear and tear, make an appointment with Eurotech Car Care, a certified Killeen Mercedes Benz service center, to have them checked by a professional.
  10. Battery and cables. If you notice any corrosion around the battery connections or cracks in the cable, contact a certified Killeen Mercedes service center.
  11. Use a shade. Protect your car’s interior from the Texas sun by using a dashboard shade while your car is parked.
  12. Don’t overload your car. Living in Central Texas offers residents the unique ability to drive nearly 5 hours in any direction without leaving the state! This means most road trips are long ones. Don’t yield to the temptation of overloading your Killeen Mercedes as this puts extra stress on your car.

Checks to be performed by a certified Killeen Mercedes Benz service center, such as Eurotech Car Care:

  1. Spark plugs. Tune-ups can be performed as recommended in your owner’s manual at Eurotech Car Care, a certified Killeen Mercedes Benz service center.
  2. Timing chain. While the timing chain is designed to function throughout the lifetime of your car, have it checked, tensioned properly, and lubricated periodically by a professional to make sure there are no issues.
  3. Coil springs, Head gaskets, Transmission.

As a Killeen Mercedes owner, your role is to enjoy driving your vehicle. Certain items are beyond the scope of the typical car owner’s training to maintain. Check your owner’s manual for the suggested maintenance schedule. To keep your car in tip-top shape, make regular appointments with Eurotech Car Care, a certified Killeen Mercedes Benz service center.

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