3 reasons why you should buy a Volkswagen


Volkswagen is one of the finest automakers in the world. It is easily one of the bestselling brands in Europe. Over the last decade, it has become a very popular brand in the United States, India and China. Despite the recent emission scandal that has landed the brand in a huge controversy, there are certain reasons why you should still buy a Volkswagen. Obviously the company has to undo and avoid tampering with emissions and pollution.

Here are three reasons why you should buy a Volkswagen.

  • If you want to own a luxury car but you cannot afford the bigger brands, then Volkswagen is your ideal option. Let us put aside Ferrari and some other unassailable brands for a while. Companies like BMW and Mercedes Benz along with some other European and American brands happened to be the absolute elite in the automobile industry. Their cars are undoubtedly amazing but the costs are too overwhelming. If you want the kind of luxury and comfort along with the sense of pride that a BMW, Mercedes Benz or a Bentley instills but you don’t want to pay as much, then you can easily settle for a Volkswagen. It would tick on most checkboxes like the more expensive automakers but would cost you much less. You can comfortably afford many models of a Volkswagen. Some of the higher ended models of the brand are priced less or in the ballpark of the entry level variants of the other luxury brands. Even the upkeep of a Volkswagen is cheaper than other luxury auto brands.
  • Volkswagen is a very safe car. The quality of construction is as good as it can get. The safety features, be it technological or the good old airbags, are sufficient. There is enough room for the occupants and there is enough cargo space. Volkswagen models have been tested time and again and there are real cases of accidents where the car has been able to limit the impact on the occupants inside. Safety is easily the most important element and Volkswagen ranks high on that count.
  • Volkswagen has a handsome resale value. If you take a BMW, its price is going to crash by more than half in less than five years. A six year or eight year old BMW is expected to sell at one third of the original price. A Volkswagen would get a better price than the likes of BMW and even a Mercedes Benz.


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