5 Steps to Take When Your Car A/C Quits: A DIY Guide

5 Steps to Take When Your Car A/C Quits: A DIY Guide

The air conditioning system in your car is an important component that can make your driving
experience comfortable, especially during hot summer months. When it suddenly stops working, it can
be frustrating and inconvenient. In this blog post, we will discuss what you can do if your car A/C quits.

Check the fuses
The first thing to do when your car A/C quits is to check the fuses. The fuse box is usually located under
the dashboard or under the hood of your car. Look for the fuse labeled “A/C” or “HVAC” and check if it's
blown. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new one of the same rating. If the new fuse blows again,
there may be an electrical issue that needs to be addressed by a professional mechanic.

Check the refrigerant level
Another common reason for a malfunctioning A/C system is a low refrigerant level. You can check the
refrigerant level using a pressure gauge that can be bought from an auto parts store. If the refrigerant
level is low, you can add more using a can of refrigerant that can also be purchased at an auto parts
store. However, it's important to note that adding refrigerant may not always fix the problem, and there
could be a leak in the system that needs to be addressed.

Check the compressor
The compressor is the heart of the A/C system, and it's responsible for compressing and circulating the
refrigerant. If the compressor is not functioning properly, the A/C system will not work. You can check
the compressor by turning on the A/C and listening for a clicking sound coming from under the hood. If
there is no sound, it's possible that the compressor is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Check the fan
The fan is responsible for blowing the cool air from the A/C system into the cabin of the car. If the fan is
not working properly, the air will not circulate. You can check the fan by turning on the A/C and feeling
for air coming from the vents. If there is no air, it's possible that the fan is not working, and it needs to
be replaced.

Take it to a professional mechanic

If you have checked all the above components and the A/C system still isn't working, it's time to take
your car to a professional mechanic. A trained mechanic will be able to diagnose and fix the problem
with your A/C system.

In conclusion, a malfunctioning A/C system can be frustrating, but there are several things you can do to
diagnose and fix the problem. By checking the fuses, refrigerant level, compressor, and fan, you may be
able to fix the problem yourself. However, if the problem persists, it's best to take your car to a
professional mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem.


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