Are the New Self Driving Google Cars Safe?


Are the New Self Driving Google Cars Safe?

Technology is constantly evolving and changing the way that even normal tasks are done. Driving might seem pretty straightforward, but new self driving Google cars are changing the way that people commute. Self driving cars are infused with technology and innovation that make them exciting, but there are still many questions that exist. Before Google self driving cars become a popular method of transportation, the safety of them needs to be proven. Many people wonder if self driving Google cars really are safe to drive.

Are They Safe?

The biggest question regarding the use of self driving Google cars is safety. People want to know if these cars that do not need to be manually operated are designed to be safe and if they are effective. Preliminary testing shows that self driving cars designed by Google are in fact less likely to be involved in an accident over cars that are operated by people. This means that being in a self driving car might actually be a safer alternative to driving your own vehicle.

Why Are They Safer?

The reasons why Google self driving cars are assumed to be safer can be linked to a few factors. Self driving cars are less likely to brake quickly, which is often a big cause of collisions. Accelerating at a high rate is also something that self driving Google cars are not known for doing. Another reason why these cars are safer is due to the fact that self driving Google cars do not follow closely behind other vehicles. When you combine all of these factors, it is easy to see how accidents can be reduced through the use of self driving vehicles.

Can They Have an Impact?

Self driving cars have been specifically designed to offer so much safety, that they actually have the potential to reduce a lot of the car crash figures that pile up each year. The research shows that simply replacing about 10% of all cars in the country with self driving cars could actually help the United States save close to 40 billion in one year. The reason why this much money can be saved is linked to the reduce accident rates and the reduced amount of fuel being used. This means that big savings could be amassed and increased safety could be achieved through the use of Google Self driving cars.


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