Easy car fixes that you can do yourself


Easy car fixes that you can do yourself

Automobiles can be complex and overwhelming machines. Sometimes it might feel like you could save a lot of money if you just knew a little bit more about the machine itself. Although cars are on the whole complex there are a few simple fixes you can learn to do yourself that will allow you to keep your car in better condition and better running order longer.

The first kind of fix you can perform by yourself with only a little research and some practice is an oil change. You’ve probably heard that you should change your oil every 3000-7000 miles or so. Oil keeps a car running smoothly and is one of the most important things to maintain.

Although a technician may be able to perform an oil change faster and with more consistency with practice you can achieve a very similar result. If you can locate your dipstick on your engine you can keep track of your oil levels to make sure you vehicle is always running in superior shape. If you change your oil regularly and master this easy fix you’ll be saving money in no time.

The common saying: “you are what you eat” relates not just to humans but to cars as well. If you don’t make sure you are putting good fuel into your car it will deteriorate in the long run. A fuel filter serves as a piece of the car that filters the dust, debris, and other contaminants from your fuel one last time before it enters the engine. When your fuel filter isn’t functioning correctly it can lead to some serious harms to your engine which translates into a large bill from the repair shop. Learning to replace a fuel filter can save you time and money. With a little research you’ll be able to get this easy fix down and be ready to support your car when it needs it. Technicians will of course be better equipped to handle this job but with a little practice you’ll be more than qualified.

Jumping a car is a vital life skills to have. It can save you and others when your battery fails to start. Yet what happens when your battery won’t work no matter what? Learning to replace your battery and alternator can keep your car from breaking down at unexpected and unfortunate times. The battery is probably one of the most easily recognizable and accessible parts on an engine when you first open up the hood. Learning to spot and properly replace a battery can save you the labor and overhead costs associated with many repair shops. The alternator is a little bit harder to find but with practice and research you can learn to replace it as well in order to maintain your car and sustain your quality of life.

The drive belt turns at incredible speeds whenever your car is in use. This part of the car sees a lot of usage and in turn a lot of wear. If you learn to replace a broken or worn drive belt you’ll be able to avoid having to get your car taken to the shop in the event that it’s wear gets out of hand. With a few tools and the right information this fix can be accomplished in an afternoon and will save you costly and boring trips to the repair shop.

With these tips in mind you should be more than ready to maintain your vehicle and save both time and money.


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