History of Giving Your Car a Pet Name


Remember the days when you heard your grandfather or your father call their car that they have had for years a certain name? Remember the beam in their eyes when they spoke the name? This shows the emotional attachment that a car can provide to their owners.

Although there is no evidence on the beginning of naming your car, there is an unofficial dedicated day in order to do so. The unofficial holiday is titled Name Your Car Day. It is always considered to be on October 2 of every year. If you do not have a name for your new car yet, follow these tips and consideration for the process of naming your dependable, favorite vehicle.

Importance of the Name

Choosing a name should be made with consideration and care. The name that you give your car will reflect the character of the vehicle. The character and performance should be shown in the name that is given to it.

Tips on Choosing a Name

There are tips for different types of vehicles. Each vehicle has different feature, performances, and aspects that should be taken into account prior to your decision of the name.

Sports Cars

Should your car be sporty or fast, build on that to offer your car an appropriate name? The name should reflect the strength and speed your car offers you on a daily basis. Should the car be a sleek and sexy ride, the car should be named of a woman that is also sleek and sexy.

Pick Up Trucks

If you own a pick up truck, then it is a rule of thumb that the truck be named a name considered to be “country”. This is due to the use of pick up trucks being used in the country for farming and hauling items like equipment.


Families that need the space in order to function typically own vans. Look at the van and think of the tasks it allows you to perform. Take heed in the color that it displays. For example, if a mother of three owns a blue van that she uses to go grocery shopping and taking children to children events, a great name for this van would be the Big Blue Go Getter.

Other Vehicles

Your vehicle may not be covered in this list; however, there are general tips to use for naming your vehicle. Make sure that you do not name your car a generic name like Mike, Sue, or Joe. Keep it creative and fun. Reflect on what you use the vehicle for, the color, performance, and possibly the age of the vehicle.


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