How to Get Your Car Repaired During COVID-19 Lockdown

How to Get Your Car Repaired During Covid-19 Lockdown

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak as many of the day to day, operations have come to a complete halt.  There are still many people who need to go out during emergencies or to their jobs. These include hospital workers, grocery store workers. As much as people need to be in the governmentally imposed lockdown throughout the country, these people need to make it to their jobs, or else there would be more damage caused by the pandemic. For many of these people, the mode of transport is their vehicles. During this time, they need to ensure their vehicles are in proper health, and if it ever needs repairs, they can get them repaired.

There was quite a bit of confusion regarding this on whether the Auto Repair Shops will remain open or not. According to the Government’s Guidelines, the Auto Repair Shops classify as an essential service and are allowed to stay open for necessary repairs and services. People will still need to be careful of going to auto repair shops unless it is necessary.

Many modern cars require very less or almost no regular service to remain drivable in good health. You don’t need to worry about small minor dents and maintenance as you could be risking your health while going out. However, people who are in dire need of work on their vehicles need to search for what options are available to them. Many of the independent Shops have chosen to close to protect their staff and public from the virus. The Auto Repair shops which are open are following strict protocols to limit the spread of the virus. There needs to be minimal contact between customers and staff, and you should take all the necessary precautions before going out. Many auto repair shops are offering online bookings and collection and delivery systems to have the least amount of interaction and maximum possible safety of staff and customers.

If you do take your car to an auto repair service, you need to make sure you are completely protected. You should be wearing gloves and a mask. Wash your hands regularly, and preferably you should carry a hand sanitizer with you. When you do get your car back, make sure you wipe down all the surfaces of contact with disinfectant wipes or spray.

Your vehicle needs to stay safe and roadworthy during times like this.  At Eurotech Car Care, we have developed a safe and sanitized process to keep customers and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Should your vehicle require repair or maintenance reach out to us at 254-200-1009, or you can set an appointment on our website


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