Keep Your Car Healthy


In this summer heat, cars tend to act up in unusual ways. The last thing you want is to break down on the side of the road and wait two hours in the sweltering sun for a pickup truck or a relative to pick you up. It’s always best to keep your car as healthy as you keep yourself. The trick to keeping a car healthy is to regularly take it for tune ups at a garage that has the knowledge and expertise to handle your car.

There are many different types of transmissions in the automobile world today: automatic, manual, antique, classic, CVT, marine, high performance, truck and re-manufactured. With this variety, you have to find a company that has worked with your type of transmission before. This is because there are many different ways to fix the different types of transmissions, none of which are interchangeable. Whether your car is a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mini-Cooper or Audi, you need to make sure it is receiving the best possible tune up.

When it comes to transmissions, there are a limited amount of people you can trust to correctly identify the problem. Vehicle diagnostics are always a great way to find the bug in your transmission. Speed sensors, input and output sensors, air flow sensors throttle position sensors, temperature sensors and components on the engine can all affect the transmission’s operation, meaning that there are many locations where something can go wrong. Vehicle diagnostics make sure that the bug in your transmission is found and removed before creating additional damage on your transmission.

The following is a list of maintenance actions that your vehicle should undergo:

Oil changes (recommended every 25k miles)

Transmission fluid and filter maintenance

Replacement of rucky/leaky transmission cooler lines

Radiator replacement

CV joint/axle replacement and inspection

Keeping up with this maintenance will ensure that your car will continue to run normally. You will not have to worry about breaking down during the most inopportune times and upsetting your daily routine. The difficult part is finding a professional company that will conduct this maintenance. Research is always a good way to start looking for vehicle repair companies that are licensed and have experience working with your car. After all, your car is like your baby and you need to make sure it is in the right hands.


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