Know these Mercedes Problems Now!

Have you ever wondered what are some of the common problems that exist in your Mercedes Benz?
If no, then you are at the right place to know. Here are some of the common issues with Benz.

Engine Mounts
Engine mount holds the engine and transmission into the secondary-frame of the car. Its sole
purpose is to minimize engine vibration and absorb road shocks so that passengers do not feel
any bumps from the engine.

The problem with the Mercedes-Benz mount exists when the rubber part separates, and the
fluid starts leaking out of the hydraulic fluid-filled mount. Since they are oil-filled, they begin
losing oil every 100,000 miles.

You may see visible cracks in the rubber when your engine mount has failed.

Suspension and Steering Components
With time, important suspension components such as control arm bushings, thrust rods, ball
joints, tie rod, trailing arm, and wheel bearings begin to wear out. You may hear weird noises
while driving on a bumpy road. This indicates that your Mercedes Benz’s suspension needs

The control arm bushings take most of the pressure during braking and heavy acceleration.
These pressures can be extreme and can cause the rubber bushings to crack. Although the
failure of these components does not happen frequently, but if left unchecked, they can lead to
premature tire wear.

Window Regulators
Not being able to roll your window down isn’t very classy. Window regulators do hard work
when you push the button. Although people tend to buy expensive cars and certain obstacles do
occur. Regulator failure in one of them.

Specific issues can cause the window regulator to fail, these include:

  • Thermal Irregularities

Temperature can be a problem subject to where you live. Regulators might be stuck or
frozen in areas with temperature in minus.

  • Overheated Motors

Vehicles can experience heat malfunctions. When it is overheated, the regulators might not
work correctly, or even the car can stop functioning.

Air Suspension Failures

Mercedes Benz equipped with AirMatic suspension gives maximum steadiness and comfort. The
system of Benz gives you the option to switch between comfort and sport mode. But just like
other cars, it can fail. Typical failures of Benz’s AirMatic suspension system include:

  • Air Strut failure
  • Leaking lines
  • Valve block leaking
  • Faulty level sensor
  • Blown fuse

When air suspension compressor quits working, the whole car may fail to raise.

Transmission Problems
Common problems that exist in Mercedes Benz are hard shifting or no shifting at all. Certain
factors account for the failure of transmission, including incorrect oil levels, defective valve
bodies, slippage, or primary pump failure. In such cases, the transmission may fail in terms of
shifting gears- usually 2 nd or 3 rd . This will happen to prevent further damage to the transmission.

Common symptoms include dashboard lights, rough gear shifting, unusual noises, burning smell,
leaking transmission fluid, or transmission slipping.

If you find any of these problems in your Benz, Don’t wait! Call Eurotech Car Care at (254) 200-
1009. We’ll get your car serviced.


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