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Owning a BMW

Let’s talk BMW ownership in Central Texas and car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX. Owning a BMW isn’t like owning a run of the mill car, you can’t just take it anywhere for service or repairs. You need to take it somewhere they know the brand and are experienced.

Here are some tips to extending the life of your BMW and improving the overall performance – especially gas mileage and emissions:

Tip #1: Cleanliness of your engine is the best preventive maintenance you can perform on your BMW. An overall clean engine runs cooler and is easier to work on and is much less likely to cause premature failure of other parts. If you need car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX, who wouldn’t want to show up at the mechanic with a clean engine? They will appreciate you.

Tip #2: Using the mileage guidelines as your benchmark, regular routine replacement of all filters, lubricants, coolant and the other parts noted in your owner’s manual is critical. Sensing and mechanical tolerances have become so tight even slight variations can create drastic performance changes. If you want to avoid car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX changing these routine elements is one essential step.

Tip #3: Fancy yourself a backyard mechanic? Know your BMW’s systems and particular requirements before starting any project. Do not attempt to fix what you don’t understand or you’ll need car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX.

Tip #4: When performing car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX, remember that some improvements may not take effect right away. Your BMW’s computer is designed to learn and adjust and may need to see various parameters before making any permanent changes.


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