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If you live in Texas, chances are that you will come across professional window tinting. Living in the Lone Star State, burdening heat is simply a fact of life. Window tinting serves as a protection barrier for many. For this reason, it is essential to understand what the laws are beforehand; it can save you a considerable amount of hassle.

At the forefront of regulations on window tinting is the prescribed darkness which is allowed. This measurement is taken in VLT units. This means visible light transmission; it’s the amount of light which the film allows to be transmitted. On a vehicle’s passenger windows, this measurement is restricted to 25% darkness. Simultaneously, tinting on the back vehicle window is not restricted in terms of darkness. This is the tinting offense resulting in the most traffic stops, fines and citations. Be sure to be in compliance.

Upon taking a state vehicle inspection in Texas, your car or truck will be evaluated for tint compliance. If you plan to register a motor vehicle, this is incredibly important. You will be unable to register a car in Texas is your tint falls outside legal compliance.

Another aspect of window tinting which is regulated in Texas is reflectivity. There is a maximum of reflectivity which is prescribed for a vehicle’s windows. In Texas, all windows are required to have no more than 25% degree of reflectivity.

The window tinting laws of Texas incorporate even more than this. There is a broad range of criteria which govern tint standards. For the remainder of this article, we will run you through some important ones.

For starters, the colors of tint are regulated by Texas law. With most motorists sporting traditional black and charcoal colors, this law may be of marginal concern. However, it does pay to know that the colors of amber and blue are prohibited form being on a motor vehicle operating on Texas roads. For those who may receive the impulse, it may not be worth it.

Don’t forget the repair in which your vehicle is in either. If you plan on having your back window tinted, be sure that both of your side view mirrors are functional and in good repair. They are required by law.

One thing of which many are not aware are certification requirements. All legal tint sold by manufacturers must be certified. Ask the professional company you use if their film is certified. And finally, a sticker designating that you are sporting legal and certified tint is required.

Understanding the laws discussed above ensures that you will not receive a traffic stop or citation during your daily commute. Although there are a plethora of window tinting benefits, be sensible when having your car tinted. Be sure to remain within legal standards.

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