Popular Problems with the BMW


BMW is one of the finest automobile brands in the world. It is respected globally and is a market leader. Some of its models have been worldwide bestsellers. Winner of multiple awards over the years, BMW has become a brand that people associate with luxury, safe driving and state of the art features. However, the brand is not without its share of problems.

If you are buying a new BMW, then you have substantial warranty and coverage. If you are buying used, the challenges are steeper. In any case, you must be aware of the common problems with BMW as a brand.

  • The biggest problem of owning a BMW is the cost. BMW is one of the luxury car brands. It costs much more to buy a BMW model than a Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda or even a Volkswagen. Once you overcome the initial cost, you have to think of its running cost. BMW models have a steep upkeep. The mileage is not very impressive in most of its models. Hence, you would be paying a lot of money on fuel. Most BMW models require premium fuel so you would have to pay more. Every component of the car is pricier than similar components in cars of other brands. If you have to buy a spare tyre or any other component, you would have to opt for premium ones. Standard or even some of the better known brands of such components would not be compatible with BMW models.
  • BMW models cost a lot and you would presume that your investment will be fittingly rewarded when you think of selling your car. That is not the case. BMW is one of those luxury brands that suffer from heavy depreciation. Every year your BMW car ages, it would be subjected to more depreciation than some other brands like Toyota or even a Subaru. Given the high price you pay initially and the high costs of upkeep, you would witness as much as 50% depreciation in less than five years. After five years, you would witness further depreciation and it would be a downhill slide.
  • The cost of repairing and servicing a BMW model is another challenge. From the labor charges to a thorough cleaning and servicing, every price is hyped up. You may also be compelled to pay for certain repairs or upgrades, from software to hardware.
  • BMW is a great brand but it has fared poorly in terms of durability and long term reliability. Japanese brands like Toyota have a much better record than BMW.


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