Preparing your car for spring


You’ve heard of winter prepping but what about spring?

As we all know cars are complex mechanical beasts, but no matter how sweet your vehicle is without proper maintenance a car is just as vulnerable! The seasonal changes in the warmer months are not as hard hitting on your vehicle as the winter months but they can still cause havoc! Although winter has some of its own specific tolls on cars, most of the same repairs in winter are also needed during summer. Were you expecting something different? Your car has the same parts spring and winter; maintenance should be year round not just seasonal!

Ever think about what happens to your car when it suddenly gets warmer?

At the end of the day vehicles are made of man-made materials. No matter how amazing your neighbors Porsche is its still made of metal-alloys that are susceptible to rust. Plastic that warps with heat and rubber that wears with time. Proper maintenance is absolutely crucial to ensure your vehicles efficiency. The spring has a slightly different danger to it, instead of the bad roads it’s the wear and tear of use. People use their cars a lot more in the summer then winter. Especially enthusiasts who don’t want their pride and joy’s damaged. But that doesn’t mean that driving twice as much in the summer won’t do damage to its inner parts.

Maintenance is not “optional” it’s ESSENTIAL!

No matter the season your car parts will always be more or less the same. Do you swap out for a winter engine? No, I didn’t think so. So why is maintenance even a question? For most people the car is the second highest costing expense after rent. Why spend all that money on a vehicle only to neglect its repair/state. “Because it still runs” is no excuse either. It may still run now but that small cheap Slip ring that falls off is the crack in the dam. One thing leads to another and suddenly you need a new engine.

Take care of your vehicle, you paid for it right?

To sum it all up, the main take-away point is that cars are driven more in spring. This increase of usage means more wear and tear. This must be maintained even more rigorously during the spring season. But the overall point here is that cars are huge investments and neglecting to get those checkups and small repairs is what causes the need for larger repairs.


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