Protecting Your Classic Car at a Car Show


If you’re bringing your classic car to a car show its best to keep an eye on it or have someone keep an eye on it at all times. If possible try and put a rope up around it so people can just look and not touch. After the thousands of dollars and countless hours of work put in to your car make sure that your protecting it.

Yes and then there are the kids with their handprints, often eating snow cones and cotton candy at car shows. And not to be outdone, mom is usually wearing lots of jewelry, much of it metallic, and that too will scratch. A perfectly flawless paint job is hard to come by, especially if the car is a daily driver, or is driven around once in a while on the weekends. After all, it only takes one door ding or one shopping cart to put a small crease in the side, on that once perfect paint job.

The first thing I recommend you do when you take your car to a classic car show is to put a sign on an easel with all the information and digital pictures. Pictures of things that they cannot see readily easily, so they don’t try to lean over the car to look in. Also a notation in bold letters explaining that it is okay to look, but please do not touch and watch your jewelry and belt buckles too. Next, keep an eye on people, because even if dad is careful, that doesn’t mean the rest of the family will be.

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