Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is in the air along with pesky insects, chirping birds, mounds of pollen and buckets of tree sap! Insects, birds, pollen, and tree sap are not only a chore for our homes; they are a chore for our vehicles too! Give your vehicle the same spring cleaning attention you give your home. Routinely use this Spring Cleaning  tip list to keep your vehicle at its best.

1. Check your engine’s air filters and cabin air filters (cabin air filters are most often found in newer model vehicles). These air filters can become heavy with pollen affecting the performance of your vehicle. Replace air filters when necessary to keep your vehicle happy and running at its best!

2. Remove leaves and debris from the cowl screen (where the hood and windshield meet, under the wipers) and all crevices. Leaves left in the cowl screen can breakdown creating sediment that can clog the evaporator drain. This can cause a much more time-consuming and costly auto repair. Leaves that are left in crevices absorb and hold water, like a sponge, which can cause rust. Make cure to clear leaves and debris regularly.

3. Wash your vehicle often to remove tree sap and bird droppings. Believe it or not, the acidity in the sap and the droppings can damage your paint and clear coat! The eating away of your clear coat and paint begins quickly, especially if the vehicle is sitting in the sun! Insect splatter can also cause damage when left on paint and not washed regularly. Be careful to wash often and consider a coat of wax a couple of times a year. The wax will act as a protective barrier.

4. Dry wiping your vehicle with a paper towel or any other similar paper product will scratch the clear coat. Make sure to use mild soap and water to wash the affected area. Then follow-up with a soft, clean chamois for drying.

5. Check your air pressure. As temperatures rise, the air expands in your tires. You may need to let some air out to maintain the proper pressure levels for optimal tire performance.

Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you! Make a mental note or put it on your calendar to stay ahead of possible damage and a potentially costly auto repair by routinely following these tips!

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