Texting and Driving


Here at Eurotech, we see a lot of car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX for texting and driving. I would say it’s out of hand but the problem is actually in hand, the phone is in the hand of the driver and needs to be put down and the driver needs to be driving. Not texting and driving.

To avoid being one of the thousands looking for car repair, Temple, TX or car repair, Belton, TX wait to send that text until you stop your car. Even if you’re using a talk to text program, your life isn’t worth it.

Some information we’ve pulled from a website about texting and driving www.Distraction.gov scares us!

Did you know that there are more than 153.3 billion texts sent every month in the United States which includes Puerto Rico, Guam and the Territories.

At 55 miles per hour, glancing down for 5 seconds to check a text, your vehicle can clear a football field length of distance. I don’t know about y’all but most of the roads I travel around here are 60-75 miles per hour which means if I check a text, I’ve cleared that football field and maybe even another one by the time I look back up. Scary.

“At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving, a number that has held steady since 2010.” From Distraction.Gov What scares me is that even if I’m not one of the 660,000 drivers that are using my cell phone or electronic device and I’m not distracted; what if the person next to me is?

We need to bring more awareness to the people who are using their phones and putting others at risk. Check the statistics, educate those you love and let’s stay safe out there. Let’s stop texting and driving.


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