The High Tech Off Road Beast of 2020

1. The Defender Legacy

In 1948, the defender made its debut to help Britain and to battle with the export deficit. It was constructed for off-roading on agricultural lands and civil engineering projects. Being an aluminum product, it was shorter and faster than jeeps. This 110-inch wheel-based version is beneficial for royal visits. The British army used the land rover as a military-vehicle for being more reliable at off-roading than other vehicles. The defender proved as the best off-road vehicle and dominated 4x4 markets in Australia, Africa, and the middle east. It was updated to series-3 with minor changes. To remain competitive, land-rover fitted V8 engine with more torque and appealed 4W-drive market.

Further, upgraded with versions: short wheel-based (90) and long-wheel-based (110). In the 1980s, it sold as a sports vehicle and went through a higher level of trims. Its 120-inch wheel-based versions could carry a load of 1.4 metric tons and were later named as a defender. By 1997, it wasn’t sold in the USA due to failed safety tests, then updated to an automatic transmission. When the land rover was sold to Tata motors, the defender was updated with new designs. Due to increasing safety regulations, defender rolled off the production line. The latest chapter of defender begun in land rover as 4X4, which could carry people to any place

2. New for 2020

Landrover is a reinvention of an iconic car due to its design, durability, and class-leading capability. After its launch in 1948, originally known as a land rover, the defender became an iconic and much-loved vehicle. The majority of two million defenders are said to be pushing the boundaries of off-road expertise.  It comes with 7 trim levels: the 110 standard, S, SE, HSE, First Edition, defender X, and 90 first edition with four lifestyle packs: Explorer, Urban, Country, and Adventure.  

3. Performance Specs 

Defender comes in 90 and 110 editions with four lifestyle packs: Explorer, adventure, urban, country. Horsepower, engine size, torque, wheelbase, MPG, and pricing vary by trim level. In 4dr 4*4 category, 110 standard and 110 S model include: 2.0L engine, 296 @ 5500 rpm Horsepower, 295 @ 1500 rpm Torque. 110 SE, 110 First edition, 90 (First Edition), 110 HSE and X includes: 3.0L engine, 395 @ 5500 rpm Horsepower, 406 @ 2000 rpm Torque. However, all these trims come in 8-spd auto w/0D Transmission.             

4. Tech

This new defender has been built on an extreme platform to be adept at off-roading.  Its high strength material and active suspension enables it to carry a vertical load of 7 ton, climb the most challenging terrain and descend with an angle of 45 degrees and 47 degrees respectively and raise the car to 145mm. New IP67 technology helps it to sustain damage in water, and half a meter of articulation enables it to wade through 900mm of deep water. It consists of 100Mb Ethernet to download the new software overnight and activate it on starting. It can handle 21,000 messages through 85 ECUs. It has an optional winch hidden behind the front grill capable of handling weight up to 4536 kg through a 45m distance.  

5. Safety Features

Unlike old defenders, this one is equipped with a lane to keep assist, automatic emergency braking, parking assistance system, and driver condition monitoring to ensure proper concentration on long journeys. Apart from this, the driver-assist package includes adaptive cruise control, blind-spot assist, and rear pre-collision monitor to avoid any accident with the car behind you by automatically putting the hazard lights on. It consists of front-impact, side-impact, and overhead airbags. It prevents unwanted intrusion and will prevent the engine from starting if the original manufacturer key is not used.



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