The Safest Cars Out Here Right Now


2014 marked an increase in vehicle safety scores across the board!

Great news for everyone, safety is improving all around, gone are the days where SUV’s and trucks are the only bastion of safety. Today even small sized cars are able to pass crashworthiness tests with flying colors. An ever growing technological gap between today’s cars and yesterdays is the cause. This technology gap has actually completely changed the game; almost every mainstream vehicle released nowadays comes with Crash Avoidance & Mitigation technology. They are actually just safer by default, with built in spidey senses to avoid engagements automatically cares are becoming safer across the board.

Increased efficiency in engineering has allowed for better designs

Cars today are truly designed with safety in mind. With health and safety standards in automobiles constantly being raised, today almost all new cars are “safe”. There are of course the top safety picks, and the few odd cars that don’t score as high. Overall though advanced engineering and design is creating massive leaps in technology and cars are being built sturdier, more durable and more effectively engineered to! While no car is completely safe from damage in a crash, compared to the days where seat-belts didn’t exist I’d say we’ve come a long way.

Advanced crash avoidance systems are the new thing!

It’s becoming very evident that self driving cars are not far off. Just about every 2015 vehicle has some sort of advanced collision detection method, without it they wouldn’t be able to compete! That means any new car purchased now comes with technology that knows you’re going to crash before you do! Now the technology is only in its toddler stages, but considering that cars are even remotely capable of being able to avoid a potentially fatal accident makes me excited. The future of safety in vehicles looks incredible and it gets better every year!

~Safety is really advancing, and the future is bright~

Each year the gap between today’s cars, and yesterdays grows. With that in mind if safety really is the number one concern, don’t cheap out. Sure a newer car might cost more but, the day it saves your life and you get to keep on living, you’ll be glad you forked over the money for the 2016 model and not the 2000. And in the end being alive at the end of the day is why your reading this is it not?


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