Warning Symbols

Warning symbols on the dash. What do they mean?

Now and then, car owners around the world are concerned about the warning symbols that appear on their car's information cluster. Although most warning symbols are pretty self-explanatory many symbols can’t be identified. Usually, the vital information is displayed about the car's health i.e., temperature, brakes, etc. but there are some warning symbols that you need to look out for.

Engine Temperature Warning Light:
There are temperature sensors in your vehicle that detect the temperature of your engine to alert the driver of any anomalies. The data from these sensors is displayed on your information cluster. In older model cars, there used to be temperature gauges in the dash, and drivers had to judge whether their engine was at normal operating temperature manually. In newer model cars, there is the engine temperature light which illuminates to notify the driver if the engine is too hot or too cold to operate. In case of an engine overheat the light is displayed, and you should immediately stop the car and pull over, you need to make sure that the vehicle's fluid level is normal. A low coolant level might cause this situation. If the car is overheated, you should NEVER open the radiator cap. Shut the engine and let the car cool down. Then fill the coolant. 

Oil Pressure Warning:
To ensure proper working of your engine, every moving part inside your engine needs to be adequately lubricated through engine oil. The low oil pressure light is illuminated when the oil pressure is inadequate for the oil to reach all the narrow passages inside your engine. Low oil levels mostly cause this. There can be many reasons for that, as there are many seals and caps around the engine, any minor leak can cause sufficient oil loss over time. Low oil pressure can seize up your engine and even cause permanent damages that can't be repaired. This warning can also be caused by a bad oil pump or a faulty oil pressure gauge. In any case, if this warning is appearing on your dash, you should take your car for a checkup. 

Battery Alert:
Most of the car’s key components work off of battery power, to keep them running your car battery must be in top condition. Whenever the car’s ECU detects a drop in battery voltage, it triggers the battery alert light on the dash. There could be many factors causing this problem. Usually, it is due to corrosion on the battery terminal, a loose cable, or a faulty alternator. But it can be due to a weak or worn-out battery.

Airbag Light:
The airbag warning light illuminates whenever there is a problem with the airbag system. Whenever this light is illuminated, it means that the airbag won't deploy. This means you need to get this checked as soon as possible. 

ABS Light:
When there is a fault in the car's Anti-Lock Braking system, this light illuminates. This indicates that the ABS might not work. You need to get this checked as soon as possible.  If you experience one of these lights, check us out at eurotechcarcare.com or give us a call at 254-200-1009. 


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