What and where is Route 66?


There are few things as iconic in as an American road trip. The wide open road, the vast wilderness, the endless oceans, tallest mountains, the largest ball of string, all iconic to the American road trip. Route 66 is world renowned for it’s weird and zany attractions, it’s long empty drives and as being one of the first highways in the US.

Originally stretching some 2,400 miles from Chicago southwestward through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ending in Santa Monica California. The road served as a major path during migration from the horrific dust bowl consuming the Midwest. Which lead to the development and growth of small tourist towns all along the route. The route gained most of it’s popularity because of the geography which it went through. Mostly flat, and connecting to California, the route became very popular with commercial trucking and shipment.

Moving large quantities of mostly agriculture goods and those searching for jobs across the US. Like most highways and roadways in the early days, Route 66 was mostly gravel and graded dirt. It wasn’t until 1938, and because of the efforts of the Route 66 Association that Route 66 became the first US highway to be completely paved. World War 2 saw more migration west across the highway, as citizens looked for industry based jobs in California.

The route was also popular with the military, being as it was already completely paved, it served as a through-fare for transporting equipment and personnel across the country. Route 66 is also given credit for the birth place of gimmic attractions such as “The Big Texan” a 72 ounce steak that was given free to anyone who could consume the entire meal in under an hour, or Teepee shaped hotels for a unique visit. The road is considered the birth place of fast food. With the first McDonald’s making it’s home on the road in San Bernardino California.


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