What Are the Fastest European Cars on the Market


What Are the Fastest European Cars on the Market

When you are looking for a well-built and fast vehicle, it is often preferred that you look at the European market. Europe is known for making luxury vehicles that are known to be fast. Fast rides are what most people admire most, but purchasing a fast ride does not come at a cheap price tag. Most of the fastest European vehicles are also the most expensive. Being labeled one of the fastest rides is not something that comes easy, but it is a title to be proud of. When you are looking for a fast ride, you need to know what the best options are.

Here is everything that you need to know about the fastest European cars on the market:


If there is one European carmaker that is known for making speed a priority, it is Ferrari. The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the fastest cars and come equipped with a V8 engine. You should expect nothing less than speed from Ferrari, because they began as a manufacturer of racing vehicles. This means that they know how to make a very fast car. Now thy specialize in making street legal models that are designed to go fast without much effort. This car can get up to speeds that are over 200 miles per hour. This is one fast car that exudes style, but is also infused with technology.

Ferrari FF

Since Ferrari is known for making racing vehicles, it is no secret that they would be the manufacturer of most of the fastest cars on the European market. The Ferrari FF is slightly faster than the Ferrari 458 and has a look that is completely different. The design of the FF is not something that is typical. However, it is a car that can reach very high speeds. It can go up to 208 mph, which is about 6mph faster than the 458 Italia. This means that you can leave even the fastest cars in your dust if you drive the Ferrari FF.

F12 Bertlinetta

This is another car made by Ferrari, but this should be no shock. This European car is known for reaching incredibly high speeds. It has a 730 horsepower engine and can get up to 211 mph. This is something that you have to experience for yourself in order to believe at least once.


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