What Are The Most Popular Ferrari Cars?


If there is one type of car that is a part of popular culture, it is the Ferrari. This is a luxury car that is very famous with both avid car lovers and even those that do not know that much about cars. It is the unique look and the high amount of power that makes the Ferrari one of the best selling cars and a luxury brand. There have been many different Ferrari models that have been released over the years, but not all of theme have been released to the same amount of fanfare. If you want to know what the best selling Ferraris have been over the years, you just have to look at the most popular models.

Here are some of the most popular Ferrari cars that have been sold throughout the years:

Ferrari 458 Italia

This is a model of the Ferrari that was released back in 2011 and it is different from older models of the past in many ways. It is a car that is designed to be both luxurious and sporty. This means that it has the features that offer both. The overall look and design of the car has been upgraded to give it more of a sporty feel, but the classic look of the Ferrari is still infused into the vehicle. This means that you get the best of both worlds. It has a very soulful design, but it also has all of the features that you are looking for that allow it to reach high speeds quickly.

Ferrari 288 GTO

This is another Ferrari that was released years ago and was actually manufactured back in 1984. This makes it a real classic, but it is still a favorite with Ferrari lovers. Power is the one thing that you can expect with the GTO This means that if you want a Ferrari with some get up and go, this is the model that you should try out. It even features a twin turbo V8 engine. This is the engine that is envied in some of the most popular Ferraris that have ever been released. It even peaks at 660 hp, which is superior to most Ferrari models. If might not be a brand new model of Ferrari, but it is one that you will want to own.

There have been many Ferraris released over the years, but these are the most notable.


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