What’s the Legal Limit for Tinted Windows in Texas?


What’s the Legal Limit for Tinted Windows in Texas?

When you are behind the wheel of the car there are a number of laws that you need to follow. Not only do you have to abide by all traffic violations, but there are certain specifications that your car must meet. Car tinting is one of the more important laws that you need to be aware of, because if you are not careful it can result in a fine. If your car is not properly tinted within the regulation limits, you can be ticketed and pulled over. This means that you need to be fully aware of all Texas window tinting laws. Many window tint laws vary by state.

Why Are There Window Tinting Laws?

There are many different reasons why a driver would prefer to have tinted windows, but it can become a safety issue. Some people are looking to tint their windows to offer optimal amounts of UV protection, but others might want to hide the contents of their car. Unlike a traditional window, it is more difficult to see inside a vehicle with tinted windows. However, if windows are too tinted this can become a safety issue. Tinting has the potential to be dangerous during the night. People that drive at night with tinted windows might have a more difficult time seeing. Tinting offers a lot of benefits in the daytime, but can be hazardous at night.

Texas Window Tint Laws

In Texas, the window tint laws are pretty straight forward and fairly comparable to the window tinted laws in other states. The darkness of the tint is measured using visible light transmission percentage. On the windshield, all vehicles must have must allow the top of the windshield to let in natural light. The front side window should let in 25% of light and the back side windows should also let in 25% of light. On the rear window, it is possible to tint this window to any degree that you desire. There are not restricted tint colors that you can use in the state of Texas. Some states have outlawed the use of red tint, but this is not the case in Texas.

It should also be noted that there must be a sticker on the vehicle that denotes it is legally tinted within the state requirements. If you get pulled over, this sticker is extremely important and must be displayed.


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