When Do You Change Your Car Battery?


All car owners have been in a situation where they wished they had known sooner, whether a crack in your windshield gets worse or even if your battery dies on the road. One of the largest benefits of a car battery is that there are indicators that you can take advantage of to know when it’s time to change it so you’re not stuck on the road calling for assistance.

Sign 1: Check Engine Light

The most common issue that you’ll notice is the check engine light in your dash. This is generally a pretty good sign that the power in your battery is weak. It is also an indicator of other issues that your car may be experiencing.

Sign 2: Slow Engine Start-Up

When you try to start your vehicle the engine will be sluggish and cranking it may take longer than normal. This is when you should consider a battery change as soon as possible.

Step 3: Leaking Battery

If you notice that there is any corrosion around the + and – sides of the battery, that’s a good indicator that your battery is old and leaking. You may need to consider removing the corrosion before your car will start and you should also replace the battery with a new one.

Step 4: Knowing Its Age

You should always know when your battery was put in your car and if you find that it’s over 3 years in age, it’s definitely time to replace it for a new one. You can easily have your battery inspected every year after it reaches 3 years to make sure that it doesn’t give out on you.

Step 5: Making Short Trips

Pay attention to your driving patterns and if you notice that you are taking more short trips (under 20 minutes), it’s not giving your battery enough time to properly charge. Over time, short trips can wreak havoc on your battery and significantly lower its overall life expectancy.

Step 6: Extreme Temperatures

Another indicator that might mean that you need to change the battery in your car is if you live in an area that is prone to severe changes in weather. The hottest days of summer can put a lot of stress on your battery and freezing temperatures do the same. If you want until you’re in the middle of winter to replace your battery it’s too late as it may have already died on you.


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