Why are car repairs high in cost?


Why are car repairs high in cost?

In these economic times people are looking to save money in anyway that they can. When your car breaks down it can be economically devastating. The question then becomes why do car repairs cost so much? By looking at the individual components that make up car repair costs you can become better educated as to how you can avoid high costs and choose a better shop.

The first and most obvious component of the cost of repairing a car is the parts. Parts become necessary for car repairs when wear and tear becomes too great and a part either breaks down or is close to becoming non-functioning. These parts typically make up a significant portion of car repair costs. Parts can vary in both quality and price.

Another component of car repair costs is labor. The labor is essentially a portion is of the cost associated with the paying of skilled technicians. This portion can vary wildly from shop to shop as the skill of laborers is largely varied. The important thing to keep in mind when considering this component of the cost is whether or not you are getting what you paid for. If the cost is high you should expect an equally high level of service to compensate for the extended cost.

The “overhead” cost is the cost that is associated with the cost of doing business in a specific area. A shop for example may need to have a higher cost as a result of operating in a specific location because taxes and property costs could be markedly higher.

Another potential component of the cost is a customers ignorance. Not all businesses function for the betterment of their customers and every business is looking to turn a profit. This means that businesses will sometimes prescribe unnecessary fixes or maintenance in order to increase their revenue. If a customer isn’t questioning and curious about what they are paying for this will often translate into a net loss of money in the pockets of the customer.

These different components make up the total sum presented to you when you see the bill. When you understand what you are paying for you have a better capability to save both time and money. The more informed you become about what you are getting charged for the more you have a capability to improve your quality of life.


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