Why Does My Car Squeak?


Do you notice a squeaking sound when you start your car? The first symptom of a problem with your car is a noise that is not normal. When you begin to hear a squeaking sound, this means that some part or parts within your vehicle are not functioning properly. Once you realize that the squeak is coming from your engine, it needs to be diagnosed right away so that you can correct the issue. If you let the noise go, the problem will only worsen with time. You need to locate the noise and find out what is causing it.

How to Find the Squeaking Noise?

Determining where the squeaking noise is coming from is not always easy. You need to start by finding out when the noise occurs. If the noise only becomes noticeable when you start the car, this could lead to one cause. However, if the squeaking noise also appears at other times when you are driving, there could be another cause of the problem. You need to listen closely and pay attention to when you hear the squeaking noise and what you are doing with your car at the time. For example, are you turning, braking or simply driving when you hear the squeak? Sometimes the squeal might only be noticeable when you start the car. If the weather is cold outside, the cause of the squeak could be the cold temperature. Also try putting the car into different gears to determine when you hear the noise.

Serpentine Belts and Alternators

The usual suspects for squeaks are serpentine belts and alternators. The belt that drives the alternator is often what is making the squeaking sound that you hear. There are a number of different problems that could potentially be occurring that result in an alternator making a squeaking noise. The belt might be wearing and require replacement, the pulley might not be working correctly or the bearings of the alternator are wearing. All of these problems could result in your car making a squeaking noise. It is important to get the actual cause of the noise diagnosed and the repair made quickly to avoid any additional repair costs.

A vehicle that makes a squeaking noise is not only annoying, but it is also not functioning properly. It is important to have the needed repairs made right away to ensure that the problems doesn’t worsen with time.


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