Why Oil Changes Are Important


Our bodies use water to help lubricate our joints to allow movement within our limbs. What if I told you that for around $40 I could trade the available water in your body out every 3 months for new clean water that would help your body run easier? No brainer, right? That’s similar to what an oil change is like for your car. The oil is the lubrication that keeps everything moving and flowing through your car. It collects dirt and grime as it goes around and has to be replaced or your engine will start to pay the price.

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should state recommended oil change dates and mileage and if your vehicle does better with regular or synthetic oil. Your driving habits will determine what you should follow and you should discuss those with your automotive technician to set up a schedule that works for your habits.

Cleaning the old oil out of your engine on a regular basis will help extend the life of your engine because all moving parts need lubrication to move, just as your body needs water to move. While I can’t offer you the $40 water overhaul for your body, a regular oil change for your vehicle is available in every town across America.


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