Why Should You Get Your Tires Balanced and Rotated


Maintenance for your vehicle is extremely important. After every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, it is essential that you have your tires balanced and rotated by trained professionals. Rotating and balancing your tires regularly is specifically designed to help you maintain the correct tire pressure. The wear on your tires will be substantially different if you do not have them rotated and balanced routinely.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should have your tires rotated and balanced:

Even Tire Wear

Your tires wear out over time and this is unavoidable, but it is important to note that the tires on the front of the axle wear differently than those on the rear. This means that your tires must be rotated to ensure that you are getting even wear. Leaving the same tires on the front axle will result in those tires wearing out much faster than those on the rear axle. Rotating allows you to obtain even tire wear.

Improve Safety

Your tires are an essential component of your vehicle and in order to ensure safety, you need to have them rotated and balanced. When you make it a priority to have your tires rotated and balanced, the result is a vehicle that handles much better and is simply a safe option to drive. You will notice less bumps and have a smoother ride when you get your tires rotated and balanced.

Save Money

You might not think that paying for tire rotation and balancing services can save you money, but this is most definitely the case. Having your tires rotated does indeed save you money. It allows for you to get much more use out of your tires and increases the longevity. This means that your tires will evenly wear and will not have to be replaced as often. Since you won’t have to replace tires at high rates, you can save big.

Get Rid of Annoyance

If you hear a lot of noise and vibration coming from your tires when you drive, this is a sign that tire rotation is needed. Having your tires rotated and balanced allows you to reduce the noise and make your steering much easier. Road noise stems from tires that are uneven, but you won’t have to worry about this annoyance any longer. The risk of an accident due to a punctured tore is also reduced.


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