Will Tesla Have a car for the European market?


Tesla Motors is known today as the leading manufacturer of electricity powered cars and is gaining popularity all across the globe for its smart innovations and intuitive designs. Based in the heart of California, U.S.A., many people have begun to wonder whether this car manufacturer is going to release a European car any time soon. While there might not seem like much of a different between American and European car models, car and vehicle enthusiasts will disagree as there are more functions and features to both options that immediately apparent.

The Difference Between American and European Cars

When it comes to differentiating American and European cars, there are only 4 real considerations. Those are quality, style, price, and fuel efficiency.

  1. Quality – When speaking of quality, there are two main points to think about. The first is the longevity of the car. European cars have often won in the category of longevity as they make use of different metals and materials that make it possible for their cars to last much longer than their American counterparts. This is why it’s a lot more common to find vintage Euro cars than it is to find American vintage cars. The second point to consider is crash safety. In this realm, both American and European cars meet a certain standard and offer the same level of safety when it comes to crashes.
  2. Style – It’s easy to spot a European car from an American car, mostly because of the great disparity between style. Euro cars tend to be more sleek and streamline, while American car models are a lot more robust and thick. Either way, both have good qualities that make them desirable in the realm of aesthetics.
  3. Price – This is an arena where American cars are usually more of a winner. American car manufacturers are able to sell their cars for a much more reasonable price than Euro car manufacturers who offer their products at much steeper costs with less features.
  4. Fuel Efficiency– While American cars are cheaper to maintain, they are a lot more expensive when it comes to fuel consumption. Through the years, American car manufacturers have struggled with developing cars that are fuel efficient, leaving them to lag behind their European counterparts.

To answer the question of whether Tesla Motors has any plans of releasing a European car, well, it depends. If they’re able to take all the good qualities of the European cars, incorporate the same look and style, and sell their products for a much more reasonable price, Tesla Motors just might be able to win over European audiences with a European electric car model.


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